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Unifying Insurance and Blockchain has so far been the most difficult task of my entire career. On one hand, those two concepts should work well together: Insurance and Blockchain belong to the financial services family, it’s basically a lot about money flows in both cases, and both can hedge your loss in case something bad happens to your assets.

Yet, there are big hurdles to more collaboration between the 2 worlds: Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance are very new while actuarial work implies benefiting from long historical series to take a risk, crypto-ventures are eager risk takers whereas Insurance…

fizzy.axa is a parametric insurance product launched in sept-17 that covers against flight delay (2h+ delay) for any cause and indemnifies automatically eligible passengers.

A new version

It’s been 9 months since we launched fizzy.axa with the promise of letting an independent computer, Ethereum, decide whether or not the insurer, AXA, should indemnify the covered passengers. Since sept-17, we received feedback from our passengers and the Ethereum community and prioritized the following features, now available in the current version of fizzy.axa:

  1. Fluider customer journey. We simplified the beginning of the process and now only ask information easy to provide (airline and flight number…

As we step into 2018, every crypto investor is left with an almost impossible question to answer: will bitcoin and other cryptocoins go higher in 2018 or are we just about to witness a crypto crash? If history has anything to tell, it would be: no reason to worry, we asked ourselves the same thing when bitcoin was at $100 or $1,000. But history also serves us the burst of the Internet bubble at the end of the 90’s and the fact that: 1. Apple and Amazon recovered pretty well in spite of a sharp temporary decline in stock price…

Fizzy is “on air”.

Launched. We at AXA just released fizzy, a new solution of retail insurance that automatically compensates customers for flight delays over 2 hours.

It’s been a tough year for the core team: Fabian, Kevin, Clément, Harmonie and myself. It has been tough as well for those who helped us in the project team: Wilson, Lisa and Anne-Sophie for the UX; Vincent for project management and good vibes; Kevin D., Maxime and Sebastien for pricing & reinsurance; Samer for financials; Magic Francois for Legal; Alexandre and Frank for strategy and organization. I remember one year ago: I was in the office…

Once upon a time, blockchain was disruptive. And unconventional. And good. And full of promises.

There was a time Bitcoin was a positive delirium, a passion, an ambition much broader than a new form of money. It was an attempt to disrupt the way things are done and invent a new world. Read Satoshi’s white paper and you’ll understand the ambition. Read Mastering Bitcoin and you’ll understand Bitcoin technically with Andreas Antonopoulos: you’ll understand the value of Proof of work, the OP_RETURN usefulness, the value of Pay-to-Script hash, some BIPs… Whether they created it, contributed to it or explained it, hundreds of people have made bitcoin, a new type of money that is now much…

Blockchain. 10 letters of headache, 10 letters of wonder. Over the last few years and months, this technological piece of art has been gaining traction among developers, journalists and citizens. And quite naturally, the blockchain hype has also knocked on the doors of AXA: our corporate venture capital fund AXA Strategic Ventures invested in Blockstream, our trend sensing outposts AXA Labs reported a lot of activity in the field and I led an internal effort by the AXA Foresight squad to raise awareness on the technology and its potential.

What do insurers basically do for their consumers? They collect money…

Laurent Benichou

Bitcoin Blockchain cryptocurrencies. Humor, entrepreneurship, standup comedy & innovation.

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